Monday, August 22, 2011

Rain on Us

There is an old saying that if it rains during your transition then you made it to heaven
My mother and I were clearing our backyard for the wake when we heard the first roar and saw a flash of light in the sky. Mom dropped the back trash bag and lifted her hands, still covered with plastic gloves.

“She made it! She made it” Mom said looking to the sky as the rain came down mixing with her tears.

We had lost so much over the years. My mom lost her mother and I lost someone who care for me like a mother

“It just something I believe in”, she said to explain her actions.

Perhaps she thought I found her silly. I didn’t. Grandma’s sudden departure left a void in my heart. In two years, I lost two people who loved me the most.

It’s times like this when you gotta believe in something. Why not take comfort in the roar of thunder and taste of salt water on your tongue, sprinkles soaking your skin.

I embraced her not wanting to leave the rain even as the thunder roared stronger. It was Grandma’s farewell. Just like Grandma’s presence and her life, we knew it was not going to be a sprinkle; we were in for a storm.

The rain continued over the next few days and it was evident as the heel of my sunk down into the runner protecting my black pumps from the damp grass to place a single white rose on the silver casket. Surrounded by the generations of family all there, I could hear whispers saying “She made it.”

I said, “Yes she did.”

Earnest Pugh "Rain on Us"

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